Freedom Now Proclamation

WHEREAS, each year in the United States, thousands of men, women, and children are victims of human trafficking and deprived of their freedom, human rights and dignity;

WHEREAS, human trafficking, which is modern day slavery, takes the form of forced labor, sex trafficking, and involuntary domestic servitude; and victims are lured, forced, or coerced for the purpose of commercial sex, debt bondage, or forced labor;

We, the free people of the United States of America, believe we must abolish slavery in all its forms, ensuring that every person has the right to live without fear of being recruited, harbored, transported, obtained, patronized or solicited for the purposes of sexual or labor slavery.  No state is exempt from the reality of slavery today and we must correctly identify victims, and stop the sale, exploitation and slavery present in all 50 States. 

We, the free people of the United States of America, believe that every man, woman and child is made in the image of God and their lives are valuable and precious to the Creator. We believe that all people have the right to live free from slavery, torture and degrading treatment; that all people should have the freedom of movement and personal security; and that no human being should be forced to commit sex or labor acts against his or her own will. Every child has the right to their innocence and should not be corrupted physically, mentally or spiritually by exposure to sexually depraved content or acts. 

We, the free people of the United States of America, believe that all people who have been trafficked and enslaved have the rightto safe and loving communities and a means to safely seek justice.  It is our responsibility as a nation to ensure victims have access to restorative and supportive services. We must also support parents and guardians in protecting their children, and when those adults are the perpetrators, intervene to ensure children are protected.

We, the free people of the United States of America, declare war on the businesses, systems and organizations that benefit from the industry of human trafficking. We believe that those who exploit the innocent should not be allowed to manipulate the system of law. Government must bring the full weight of its legal and judicial systems against individuals or organizations that seek to enslave a human being. Government must evaluate punishments for the perpetrators of human trafficking crimes to ensure they fit the level of damage that victims incur. 

It is time that we educate ourselves on human trafficking issues and how we may unknowingly perpetrate human trafficking through entertainment, consumerism, and social media. It is time to unite in the battle against slavery; no matter our race, religion or nationality; America must link arms as one community and demand freedom for all. Finally, we declare our intention to systematically dismantle every network and safe harbor that allows trafficking to flourish; to protect and safeguard every innocent person. May God have mercy on our souls should we not honor the intent and purpose of this document and may every human being have Freedom Now.