Battle Plan

Make no mistake - we are at WAR! There is an unseen enemy coming for our children, our brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, our grandchildren. This enemy is hard to identify, knowing how to blend in and exploit vulnerabilities. The enemy is the system of human trafficking and modern day slavery and it has waged war against our nation. It's time to take decisive action to stop this enemy and take back our nation. Strategy is key. 


Freedom Now USA uses a multi-disciplinary approach to unite individuals, organizations, communities, and states in an effort to disrupt the systems that allow trafficking to flourish. 


Discover existing efforts to combat trafficking across the nation. Many organizations are already fighting for victims, educating communities, tackling demand, or lobbying for stiffer penalties for traffickers. However, trafficking networks are organized, cooperative, share resources and understand how to avoid detection. In order to win this war we must think smarter, faster and more collaboratively. Freedom Now USA exists to strategically analyze and coordinate the dismantling of human trafficking networks and systems. 



Assist in developing new efforts where needed. While there are successful efforts in many cities across America, most communities are unaware that trafficking exists in their own backyard as well as across the nation. Freedom Now USA will help local communities develop initiatives to uncover human trafficking and formulate community-based action plans to combat it.   



Unite the nation to stand together in the fight against human trafficking. Our national anthem says that we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, many in our country are not free. It’s time for every individual, organization, community, and state across the United States to bravely stand together, declaring freedom for all. By networking with existing efforts, Freedom Now USA is establishing a national framework for collaboration, sharing resources, facilitating conversation and inspiring solutions. Let’s make Freedom for ALL a reality in the United States of America.